Sommer 550 Synoris Garage Door Opener Overview

Kyle from un boxes a Sommer 550 Synoris Garage door opener and discusses the features and explains the benefits of the Synoris 550. Purchase yours online here


Liftmaster RPM Sensor

In this video Kyle from explains why you would need to replace your rpm sensor. What signs you need to look for if your is bad and how to fix the problem. Find yours online today at

Nylon Replacement Roller

Kyle from shows us a 13-Bearing Nylon Replacement Roller. This roller is the perfect replacement and has a 25,000 cycle expectancy. Buy yours today at

Lift Master Photoeye Brackets

Here Kyle from shows us replacement Lift Master Photoeye brackets. Kyle explains what they will be compatible with and why you might need to replace them. Get yours online

Linear Multi-code Receiver and Transmitters.

Kyle from shows us a Linear Multi-code Receiver and Transmitters. These are sold together or separately, both are 300 megahertz. Buy online at